Constantina join DryCry Records to Release fourth Album ‘Haveno’

DryCry Records proudly present Constantina, who will be releasing their fourth studio album, ‘Haveno’ on DryCry Records 12th March 2012

Constantina are a seven-piece instrumental post-rock band hailing from Brazil. Established in 2003, the band have steadily progressed through four albums, building upon their sound and fan base along the way. With a minimalist and delicate aesthetic, Constantina are now figured as one of the most interesting bands of the new harvest of instrumental post-rock, playing shows across the world. Their arrangements are crafted experimentally, with a clever use of guitars and subtle electronic interference, always open to improvisation.

The group, from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, have had the opportunity to play at dozens of festivals dedicated to independent music in Brazil, and are beginning to play across America and Europe in 2012. In line with the release of Haveno, Constantina will play SXSW, one of the world’s largest new music festivals.

The word Haveno is taken from the international language Esperanto, meaning harbour. The concept of the album is entirely on the comings and goings of the sea and its natural expansion and contraction. The harbour, a place of arrival, is also the site of departure for new paths and new possibilities. The album creates sound images that leave a lull after the storm, but always foresees new journeys.

Recorded by La Petite Chambre independent label in Brazil, Haveno will be released digitally on DryCry Records 12th March 2012. Click below to hear one of the fastastic tracks to be featured on the album, ‘Azul Marinho’.

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