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Tom Robinson’s BBC Introducing podcast, featuring ‘Rear Window’ by Sleepwalkers

You can now listen or download Tom’s latest podcast from the BBC Introducing website, or click below to take you to the iTunes podcast page.

Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio


You can listen to Tom’s BBC 6Music radio show featuring Rear Window around 32 minutes in by clicking here to launch the BBC iPlayer.

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Sleepwalkers – “Rear Window” featured on BBC 6Music this Week

DryCry Records fan Tom Robinson will be playing “Rear Window” on his BBC 6Music Introducing show this weekend. Tom has already aired “Seu”, the closing track of Tobias’ Circumstances EP in December. “Rear Window” will be aired straight after Ellie Goulding on Saturday night’s show. It will also be featured on the Introducing podcast, which will be available to download from the BBC 6Music website and iTunes next week.

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Sleepwalkers – Pause EP | Music Under Fire Review 4.8/5

Taken from Music Under Fire –

In a world of progressive rock and painstakingly engineered beats, the world of rock we used to know already changed forever.  With the computer-aided soundscapes and melodramatic nuances that can be tweaked in the blink of an eye, who could blame the path the music industry has taken.  Sleepwalkers, who are comprised of Richard Siddall-Jones and Ben Marsden, are a prime example of where the industry can only try to keep up with these blossoming acts.  Of course, the duo would be most easily compared to Radiohead, not because everyone compares every band to Radiohead, Coldplay and U2, but because first and foremost Sleepwalkers’ have the talent to be compared to such acts and their latest Pause EP shows just that.

Perhaps the genius behind the Sleepwalkers moniker is the flawless synergy between Siddall’s expert back-end production and Marsden’s trancelike vocals.  When I first listened to this EP, I immediately began making assumptions of who they sounded like and the Yorke / Greenwood comparison sprung to life.  In fact, I was almost sure this could have been a high-end production of a few Radiohead remakes given the tight loops and drawing vocals.  The beats are quick like that of Thom York’s solo productions (i.e. Eraser), so you can expect some quick-witted remixable tracks here and enough variation to put this EP on repeat.  An easy example here would be the opening track “Read Window”.  The vocals are lulling as if in a dreamlike state, while the contrast is the energetic beats that wrap the song in burrito-like fashion.

“Lightdrops” is another fantastic song showing variation from a rhythmical standpoint, but not letting up too much so as to keep the flow of the album.  Sleepwalkers have perfected their sound here as if the vocals and soundscapes organically alter themselves as the vocals rise and drop.  “Chasing The Lupine” adds in some tasteful guitar strumming as the beat drops, scattering any placid ambiance yet keeping the overall feel of the album in tact.

Sleepwalker’s Pause EP is a melodramatic trip worthy to spin and spin again.  We’re not kidding – If you can’t wrap your head around this one, you might as well find another hobby.

Rating: 4.8/5