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Tobias Antar – ‘Memories’ Released Today

‘Memories’, the latest track by Tobias Antar is released today and available to purchase and stream from the following stores:

Tobias Antar Memories On iTunesTobias Antar Memories on AmazonTobias Antar Memories on Google PlayTobias Antar Memories on Spotify

Music blog Acid Ted exclusively streamed Memories the weekend. Click here to listen and read the article which contains insight into ‘Memories’ from Tobias himself.

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Ahead of release next Tuesday, we’ve teamed up with BlahBlahBlahScience to give you an exclusive listen of the album:

You can also head over to ACID TED to read an exclusive interview with Barny.

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Barny Carter EP Finished

Barny Carter’s new EP, Still Life, is finished and set to be released 28th August 2012

Hear ‘Park’, the first track from Still Life by clicking below:

“Dark, melodic and thoughtful ‘Park’ has left us speechless.” The Get Downnn

“This is a really, really lovely piece of electronica.  I’m not sure how instrumental music can be ‘thoughtful’ but this is. Quite beautiful.” Acid Ted

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